Saturday, 2 March 2013

A little collective haul...

Hello everyone!
So today I will make a little collective haul.

2 weeks ago I went to H&M to buy a basic black tanktop, but I couldn't find the one I was looking for, but lucky me I found other things :)

First I got this shirt in the sale for only 3€!

It's not a color I would usually go to but now I like it.

Then I found this shirt for 4,95€
It is a nice basic, fits perfectly, is soft and doesn't loose it's shape after washing it!

 Then also form the sale I picked up 2 packages of these hairclips because I always loose them somewhere in the house. They were 1€ per package (I think there are 4 in every pack)!

Then I orderd those sneakers on Amazon.
In the beginning I was not really a fan of the wedge sneaker trend but in fall I tried a pair on and fell in love. The problem was the price, I didn't want to buy them for 70 or 80 €. So I started looking for cheaper one on Amazon and found these. Then a week ago a finally ordered them, they were about 25€.

Last but not least I wanted to try out Chia Seeds. I couldn't find them here in a shop so I also bought them on Amazon. They are really expensiv, about 9€ for only 300g. 

At the moment I take them into a juice to "eat" them, but I will try out some other recipies with them as well.

I hope you all have a nice day!


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