Sunday, 3 February 2013

10 Favourite Items In My Wardrobe...

Hello everyone!

So I was looking in the internet for a tag I could do and I found this one.
I'm going to show you guys now my 10 (current) favourite clothes in my wardrobe and tell you a bit about them. Shoes and accessories are not allowed!

It was really hard for me to choose only 10 things and another problem was, that I still have some clothes at my parents house (I live in different city now). But at the moment, these are my 10 things...

Okay so from left to right:
  • Red sweater with nice details on the shoulders: a birthday present, so I don't know where it is from
  • My blue blazer: I bought from Primark, I have the same one in red as well
  • Grey cardigan: from Zara, I really love those basics

  • Stripped shirt: was a present from my dad, he bought it on our last holiday in France in a shop called Camaieu
  • The blue shirt in the middle: bought it at New Yorker, love the loose sleeves
  • Green shirt: bought it in the Men section in H&M, has again loose sleeves, is a bit longer, so I can wear it with leggins, really flowy so I use this little belt
  • Red and black skirts: is the same one (so I count it as 1 piece :)), I have it in 4 colours, nice basic, from H&M
  • Shorts: also H&M, I like them, because they don't show your whole butt just like lots of other short do
  •  Mint green top: again H&M, flowy and great for summer
  • Black basic dress: guess what, H&M again, nice for summer and winter (with tights), again I have it in 2 colours

These are my 10 favourite things for now, I hope you guys liked that small insight into my wardrobe!

Have a nice day

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  1. Love the stripes! Great pieces



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