Friday, 22 March 2013


Hello everyone,

Today I made myself this delicious smoothie:

- a handful frozen raspberries
- 2 tbsp yogurt
- half a cup of milk
- half a cup of juice (this time it was mango)
- 2 small pieces of broccoli (frozen)
- 1 tsp honey

Blend it all together and enjoy!


Sunday, 17 March 2013

Collective Haul #1

Hello everyone,
Today I'll show you the clothes and beauty things I bought during the last month.

So let's start with clothes:

The grey cardigan is from H&M (you've already seen it in another blogpost) and I bought the dark grey shirt at out local sport outfitter.

 The necklace is a gift from my BF, again from a sport outfitter.

Then I went to the drugstores DM and Bipa and bought some beauty things:

I love the conditioner from GLEM Vital, my hair feels nice and healthy and smells amazing.
You've seen these nail polishes as well, from left to right: Look by BIPA Nail Quickie: Nr. 32 Purple, Look by BIPA Nude Touch: Nr. 9 and a Nail Hardener.

I bought the essence purifying nose strips for the first time, I'm excited to try them and also from essence the multi action blackest black mascara.
The tea is a herbal tea that is supposed to help during fasting period.

The lipstick and the lipliner are again by essence.
Lipstick Nr. 53, All about cupcake
Lipliner Nr. 07, cute pink
I found these lip products due to a blogger called Krystal Johnston!


Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Spring Tag...

Hello everyone,

So today I made a spring tag! Although the weather is not really nice at the moment, I'm already in the mood for spring.

1.) What is your favourite thing about spring?
I love it when the snow is finally gone and the first flowers are out, when I don't have to wear my thick and warm winter jacket anymore.

2.) Your favourite fashion item for spring?
I like wearing light cardigans and skirts (yey, finally I'm not freezing anymore when I wear them out in the evening!)

3.) Your favourite accessory for spring?
My sunglasses! As soon as the sun is out I'm wearing them!

4.) Your favourite spring flower?

Primroses, Peonies and Lilac

5.) Your favourite Easter treat?
A yeast plaited bun (made by my mum) with butter and honey

6.) What's your favourite activity you do in spring?
Sitting on a balcony or in the park and enjoy

7.) Favourite face product?
A tinted moisturiser with SPF

8.) Favourite lip product?
Labello - Honey and Milk
Kron Lipstick - 15 Cabaret


Friday, 8 March 2013

My Top 5 Nail Polishes For Spring...

Hello everyone,

Today I decided to share with you my top 5 favourite nail polish colours for spring, so here they are:

1) Essence Show Your Feet: Nr. 20 Sweet Candy Pink
As the title says it is actually made for your toe nails, but I like to wear it on my fingers as well. Really bright and intensive Pink.

2) Look by BIPA Nail Quickie: Nr. 32 Purple
My newest edition to my collection. Nice dark berry colour, but still not to dark for spring.

3) Look by BIPA Nude Touch: Nr. 9
Again a new one. On the photos this colour looks a bit pink(ish), but in reality it is not. A good "colour" for the days I want to wear nail polish but not a bright and eye- catching one.

4) Essence Multi Dimension: Nr. 74 Fall For Me

I like to call this my "Surfer Blue", but I don't really know why :)
Looks even better when I have a bit of a tan.

5) S-he Stylezone: Nr. 424
This red is my all time favourite colour. I think this was one of my first nail polishes ever and I still love wearing it.
I hope you like them!

What are your favourite spring colours?

Have a nice evening

Monday, 4 March 2013

My Recap Of The Past Week...

Hello everyone,

Although last week was not really eventful, I would like to make a little recap about...

What I did:
I went back from my parents house to my apartment on Monday, because uni starts again. I had to go to work and my BF and I we did a bit of shopping on Wednesday. Then I had to start learning again for my upcoming exam.
On Saturday we decided to go out in the evening, because Sunday was my BF's birthday and we wanted to celebrate it.

This is what I wore that night: (This was Plan B, Plan A was originally a dress, but we had sub-zero temperatures outside and we took our bikes to get into the City so I changed!)

dark blue Skinny Jeans (Pimkie)\ mint green tank and grey cardigan (H&M)\
green scarf\ surfboard neclace\ wedge sneakers (Amazon)

What I saw:
Of course my TV- series obsessions of the moment: 2 Broke Girls, Elementary and The Vampire Diaries

What I ate:
We ate out a lot this past week (Chinese Food, Burgers and "Bosna") but now we are back on everyday cooking on our own again.
As a birthday"cake" he wanted to have a tiramisu:

What I read:
The book I'm ready right now is "The Magus" by John Fowles. It was recommended to me by my Dad, a Greece lover.


Saturday, 2 March 2013

A little collective haul...

Hello everyone!
So today I will make a little collective haul.

2 weeks ago I went to H&M to buy a basic black tanktop, but I couldn't find the one I was looking for, but lucky me I found other things :)

First I got this shirt in the sale for only 3€!

It's not a color I would usually go to but now I like it.

Then I found this shirt for 4,95€
It is a nice basic, fits perfectly, is soft and doesn't loose it's shape after washing it!

 Then also form the sale I picked up 2 packages of these hairclips because I always loose them somewhere in the house. They were 1€ per package (I think there are 4 in every pack)!

Then I orderd those sneakers on Amazon.
In the beginning I was not really a fan of the wedge sneaker trend but in fall I tried a pair on and fell in love. The problem was the price, I didn't want to buy them for 70 or 80 €. So I started looking for cheaper one on Amazon and found these. Then a week ago a finally ordered them, they were about 25€.

Last but not least I wanted to try out Chia Seeds. I couldn't find them here in a shop so I also bought them on Amazon. They are really expensiv, about 9€ for only 300g. 

At the moment I take them into a juice to "eat" them, but I will try out some other recipies with them as well.

I hope you all have a nice day!


Friday, 1 March 2013

February Favourites...

Hello everyone,

February is over and March has already started. So I'll show you all the things I loved this past month.

Hallo ihr Lieben,

Der Februar ist vorbei und es ist schonwieder März, also Zeit für meine Februar Favoriten.

I start with the category Beauty and Fashion:
You've already seen this shoes in my last haul. I love them, I wore them really often, they are comfortable and they go with so many outfits.
The hood was a Christmas present from my mum and she even made a suitable infinity scarf for me. Due to the fact that we got a lot of snow in February I wore it a lot.

Ich beginne mit Beauty und Fashion:
Die Schuhe kennt ihr ja schon von meinem letzten Haul, Ich liebe sie. Die Sneakers habe ich sehr oft getragen, sie sind bequem und passen zu sehr vielen Outfits.
Die Haube war ein Weihnachtsgeschenk von meiner Mama, sie hat mir dazu auch einen passenden Schal gestickt. Da es im Februar viel geschneit hat, habe ich beide sehr oft getragen.

My arm candy this month was mostly this combination: the watch I got last year for Christmas, a bracelet we bought in Kenya and the button bracelet, which was a birthday present from my brothers girlfriend.

Diesen Monat habe ich eigentlich immer die gleiche Armbandkombination getragen. Meine Uhr, ein Weihnachtsgeschenk, das schwarz/weiße Armand aus Kenya und das weiße Knopfarmband, welches ein Geburtstagsgeschenk von der Freundin meines Bruders war.

This past month my skin was getting drier in the cold weather, so I loved my moisturiser (bebe Young Care Intensivpflege - trockene Haut) and my tinted moisturiser (Balea - getönte Feuchtigkeitscreme).
My lip balm (Labello - Milk & Honey) was another essential, as well as a hand cream. I got a free sample from The Body Shop from their Almond hand cream, absolutely amazing.

Da meine Haut sehr trocken geworden ist durch das kalte Wetter, habe ich viele Feuchtigkeitscreme (bebe Young Care Intensivpflege - trockene Haut) gebraucht und auch oft eine getönte Feuchtigkeitscreme (Balea - getönte Feuchtigkeitscreme) getragen.
Für meine Lippen benutze ich eigentlich immer von Labello die Milk & Honey Lippenpflege und ich habe auch sehr viele Handcreme gebraucht im Februar. Sehr gut gefallen hat mir hier die Probepackung aus dem Body Shop von der Almond Handcreme-

Then on to my Entertainment category:
This past February I love watching TV series in my learning breaks. My favourite ones are 2 Broke Girls and Elementary. The best film I saw was definitively Django Unchained (well done Mr. Waltz).

Nun zu meiner Unterhaltungskategorie:
In meinen Lernpausen habe ich sehr oft Fernsehserien geschaut, vor allem 2 Broke Girls und Elementary. Der beste Film den ich gesehen habe war eindeutig Django Unchained!

My Free time favourites:
After finishing the last exams at uni at the beginning of the month I went home to my parents and had 2 weeks off. The second week we went on skiing holiday with friends, 5 days of snowboarding was just awesome.

Meine Freizeitfavoriten:
Nachdem ich am Anfang des Monats alle meine Prüfungen für die Uni gemacht hatte, konnte ich nach Hause zu meinen Eltern fahren und 2 Wochen Ferien machen. In der 2ten Woche fuhren wir dann mit Freunden auf Skiurlaub, 5 Tage Snowboarden, es gibt nichts schöneres!

I hope you all had an awesome February!

Ich hoffe ihr hattet alle einen schönen Februar!