Sunday, 17 March 2013

Collective Haul #1

Hello everyone,
Today I'll show you the clothes and beauty things I bought during the last month.

So let's start with clothes:

The grey cardigan is from H&M (you've already seen it in another blogpost) and I bought the dark grey shirt at out local sport outfitter.

 The necklace is a gift from my BF, again from a sport outfitter.

Then I went to the drugstores DM and Bipa and bought some beauty things:

I love the conditioner from GLEM Vital, my hair feels nice and healthy and smells amazing.
You've seen these nail polishes as well, from left to right: Look by BIPA Nail Quickie: Nr. 32 Purple, Look by BIPA Nude Touch: Nr. 9 and a Nail Hardener.

I bought the essence purifying nose strips for the first time, I'm excited to try them and also from essence the multi action blackest black mascara.
The tea is a herbal tea that is supposed to help during fasting period.

The lipstick and the lipliner are again by essence.
Lipstick Nr. 53, All about cupcake
Lipliner Nr. 07, cute pink
I found these lip products due to a blogger called Krystal Johnston!


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