Thursday, 4 April 2013

March Favourites

Hello everyone,

So these are my March favourites!

I don't really have any special Makeup faves this month but I have one skin care product:
It is a "Lavera Naturkosmetik Lime Sensation Shower Gel". It smells absolutely amazing and the smell stays on for a really long time.

Now on to food:
I really loved making smoothies.
I also enjoyed oats a lot. This might sound weired now but I ate them in different variations just like in cookies, smoothies or in normal oatmeal.
Another snack I loved are those ricewaffels with yogurt.

In March I started being active again, I went for runs and made some workout moves (I was watching videos on Youtube from "Blogilates" and "ToneItUp").

My last favourites are 2 TV shows: Suburgatory and New Girl. I know they are out now for a long time but I enjoy watching the episodes one after another.


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