Sunday, 21 April 2013

Our Little Herb Garden...

Hello everyone,
So about a month ago we went to IKEA to go a little bit shopping. There we found those 3 green flowerpots with herb-seeds inside. We always wanted to have herbs and vegetables on our balcony and we decided that we could try these.

Today, about 4 weeks later we have little cilantro/coriander, basil and thyme plants. They are still really small but now the weather is nice so I think they will continue to grow.
The plant on the left is a Stevia. You can buy Stevia as a sweetener but I like using the little leaves. I mix them for example into fruit salads.

I really love fresh herbs for cooking and in fall a dry them so i can still use them in winter.
In the next weeks i want to buy some tomato plants and salad for our balcony!


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