Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Collective Haul #2

Last week my cousin came into town and we spent a full day with shopping. Here and there I bought a few things.
Beauty: I got those Balea Makeup remover wipes. I used Nivea and Essence ones before but they really hurt my eyes. These ones are really soft, smell amazing and (of course) make their job. 
Then I needed a new concealer. I bought this one from essence, but the first one I got was way to dark for me (No 2 soft sand) so I went again and bought a lighter one (No 3).
The last things was this tinted moisturiser from Balea. I don’t use full coverage makeup on a daily base so i prefer light cremes with a bit of a tint.

During our trip we made several stops in different shops.
I found 2 shirts in H&M: a grey one with black quarter length sleeves and a white one with (of course) an A on it, perfect for me. 
 In new Yorker I found this black tank which is longer in the back than in the front and has a little cut out in the back!
(: Anna

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