Tuesday, 10 September 2013

This or that?

I'm strolling through the Internet, looking on different sites for cute shoes for fall (do I really need them? nope, definitely not!).
I went on the Deichmann page. There I came across these 2 different shoes:

and this one also in blue!
 So the questions is, which one?
That was yesterday, today I saw that none of them is available in my size... So I have to start hunting again for other cute shoes!
Have you already bought a pair of new shoes for fall?

(: Anna
Pictures are from the Deichmann Homepage


  1. i couldn't decide which ones i like more.. and I hate when I finally find the perfect pair and they don't have them in my size :/

    feel free to check out my blog, and let me know if you'd like to follow each other :)


  2. nice shoes,like the color of the last one! :)

  3. Die ersten werden wahrscheinlich die bequemsten sein und eigentlich gefallen sie mir auch am besten!!


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