Saturday, 26 October 2013

Autumn Weekend at Home

I'm finally home again! Those past 2 days the weather was AMAZING. Blue sky, warm enough for this time of the year. The leaves have really nice colours right now, from yellow to red, looks pretty cool against the blue sky!

A lonely flower on our potato- field.
But there are not only autumn "things" I could find in our garden, some bits are still left from summer.
 Some raspberries are still on the bushes, they are small but still yummy. 

 Some carrots, herbs and romanesco are still growing in my mums' kitchen garden. 

And of course I visited our chicken. They are bubbly and naughty as usual.

Selfie in a ball.

My moms' fall decoration in front of our house. 

 It's really nice to be home for some days!

(: Anna

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