Monday, 25 November 2013

Collective Haul #3

Today I will show you the things I bought in the last 2 months.

First my mum bought me this crazy patterned Leggings. I love them, especially the colour and they are really comfy.
Then I ordered online at H&M. It took ages until the package finally arrived. I bought the bag I'm eyeing for so long now (see my H&M Wishlist from August) and i ordered some Hairpins and Clips.

The grey Shirt is from H&M as well, just like the purple Button-up, which I absolutely love. I actually bought black Jeans as well, but they didn't fit so I exchanged them ... which was a horror (so freaking complicated). I will never order online again at H&M, I totally prefer going into the store!
The blue knitted sweater is from Vero Moda. It is soooo fluffy and warm, the perfect sweater for the cold winter.

What did you buy recently?
Have a nice evening!
(: Anna

Monday, 18 November 2013

Pasta Bolognese

Yesterday we made one of our favourite meals ever: Pasta Bolognese!
It is actually really simple and so delicious:
You just take a small onion and some pieces of bacon and fry them with a bit of vegetable oil in a pan:

Then add some small sliced carrots:

And after a few minutes add minced meat into the pan (we used pork and beef):

When everything is nice and brown add some fresh tomatoes:

And finally tomato- sauce:

Now let it cook as long as possible (I personally think the longer it cooks, the better it gets!)

And of course don't forget salt, pepper and herbs like oregano, basil, rosemary, marjoram, etc. and in the end a little dash of cinnamon!

Now enjoy with a bit of cheese and a fresh basil leaf!

What's your favourite dish for a Sunday? 
(: Anna

Friday, 15 November 2013

Phone Pics

Today I will just share with you some pictures I took with my phone! 
As a disclaimer, I don't have a phone that makes pictures in amazing quality. I actually have an old phone and I hope I will get a new one for Christmas (well that means I hope I will have the money to buy one on my own!)!

I started running again and enjoy it. My knee is not hurting the only problem is that I prefer running in the evening, which means right now at about 4 p.m. (because then it's getting dark again and I don't want to run on my own through the woods when it is dark!)!

"Mulish but cute! The shirt is an old favourite of mine, because it fits.... I am mulish from time to time!

I'm not really good in eating fruits right now, don't know why! So i drink a lot of smoothies. The Innocent are really delicious (Pomegranate, Blackberry and Acai... mhm amazing!), but I also make them on my own: Banana, Apple, Chia Seeds, Almond Milk, Tangerine and Spinach!

I already mentioned in my Autumn Favourites that I really enjoy baking bread right now. It tastes delicious, is really easy to make and is perfect for my breakfast (with a smoothie of course).

On the not so healthy side, Pizza: Love it: I make the dough on my own and put tomatoes, ham, corn, cheese, herbs and onions on it!

(: Anna

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Pinkbox #3: November

So I decided, after the disappointing last box, to give the Pinkbox it another chance! I wanted to see if it gets better ... and it did. I really like the new box, all things I would (and will) use.

Although I like the November Box, I will only order I more. I hope there is an amazing December Box (with some Christmas Specials)!!

Eat Smarter: Magazine: I never heard of it before, but I really enjoy it. There are a lot of delicious looking recipes and facts about food.
L'Oreal Studio Silk and Gloss Volume Mousse: I'm excited to try it, my hair definitely needs some volume. 
Schaebens Clearing Face mask: Always practical and I just ran out of masks.
Bebe More: Cleansing Mousse: I heared of this new line before and I'm happy that it was in the box.
P.Jentschura: Bath salt: Although I never use the bathtub in our apartment I will take a bath at home at my parents house and try the salt.
Trind: Moisturising Nail Balm: I actually never thought about buying a special balm for my nails, I always use normal hand cream. We will see how it works.

(: Anna

Monday, 11 November 2013

Autumn Favourites

 Autumn is the perfect time for cosy clothes and accessories and intense skincare.
 I love wearing beanies and headbands. All of mine are made by my mum (except for the one I wore with this outfit). Here are some she made last year, all colour full and fit perfectly to my olive green parka. I'm excited for the new one she will (hopefully) make for me this season.

Scarves are a must for me, because I always get cold around my neck. This orange one is my favourite, a present from my boy! The necklace is a present from him as well. Dark red and yellow, nice autumn colours.

I'm snacking a lot on nuts and raisins, especially in the evening. I also enjoy baking bread on my own. I love bread, for me there is no breakfast without it. The problem is, when you buy it, you never really know what things that are in it. So I make it with one of my mums' recipes, really quick and easy.
My skin is getting really dry right now, so it needs a lot of moisture. The bebe Young Care Creams are perfect, this one is for combination skin.
The little infinity ring is on my finger all the time, love it!

 Have a nice day!
(: Anna

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Vegetable Soup

It is the time of the year where a lot of people are getting sick, just like my roommates. So I decided to make them a delicious vegetable soup. 
I chopped all the things we still had in our fridge:

Topinambur (the white/cream-ish pieces), carrots (purple/orange pieces), sweet potatoes (orange pieces), potatoes (yellow pieces) and spring onions. Everything, except for the spring onions, were from my mums' or my grandmas' kitchen garden!

I put everything in a pot, roasted it a bit and then filled it up with water. I let it cook for about 15 to 20 minutes. Flavoured it with salt, pepper and vegetable stock and in the end I put some soup noodles in. 

The colour was not that nice, because of the purple carrots, but it tasted amazing!

(: Anna

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Weekend Recap

Another weekend has passed and November has started, crazy!
My parents came to visit us these past days, because it is my brothers' birthday on Monday.
We went out for dinner on Friday, it was really delicious. I had a salad with chicken.

We did not only eat good things, we also baked some. I made some muffins (because I just felt like it), then I helped my mum making a birthday pie for my brother and one for my dad as well..... too much good stuff!
And tomorrow I make another cake for my brother and his birthday party.

I also had to work this weekend and we (well my mum) did a bit of shopping. Today I finally went running again and thank good my knee is not hurting. 
And last but not least I dyed my hair again. I made them Ombre! 

 What were you up to this weekend? Hope you have a nice evening.
(: Anna