Monday, 11 November 2013

Autumn Favourites

 Autumn is the perfect time for cosy clothes and accessories and intense skincare.
 I love wearing beanies and headbands. All of mine are made by my mum (except for the one I wore with this outfit). Here are some she made last year, all colour full and fit perfectly to my olive green parka. I'm excited for the new one she will (hopefully) make for me this season.

Scarves are a must for me, because I always get cold around my neck. This orange one is my favourite, a present from my boy! The necklace is a present from him as well. Dark red and yellow, nice autumn colours.

I'm snacking a lot on nuts and raisins, especially in the evening. I also enjoy baking bread on my own. I love bread, for me there is no breakfast without it. The problem is, when you buy it, you never really know what things that are in it. So I make it with one of my mums' recipes, really quick and easy.
My skin is getting really dry right now, so it needs a lot of moisture. The bebe Young Care Creams are perfect, this one is for combination skin.
The little infinity ring is on my finger all the time, love it!

 Have a nice day!
(: Anna


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