Monday, 30 December 2013

2013 Recap

Hello everyone!
The year 2013 is over and I'm really looking forward to 2014.
This past year was amazing. Although nothing really special happened, this year was never really boring.
I made awesome trips to Spain (in July) and France (in December):

I had a really good summer at home, chilling at the pool and on the lake:


I ate a lot of delicious food:

I went on some hiking adventures:

And I did, of course, a lot of shopping:

How was your 2013? I hope it was awesome!
(: Anna

Friday, 27 December 2013

Merry Christmas

Hello everyone!

I know, I know I am late with this, but Christmas is for me a total Internet- and computer- free time. I haven't been online for a few days, but now I'm back with a quick: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone.
For me the holidays aren't over yet, because they end with my birthday (which is in a few days).

I hope you all have an amazing time with family and friends and enjoy you last days of 2013!

(: Anna

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Lyon Part 2

Here is part 2 of my adventure in Lyon.

 We slept in and waited until the afternoon to leave the house, because it was so foggy and cold outside. We went through the Romain Theatre again, so I could see everything.

 Then we went around the hill for a walk and then decided to go into a different part of the city.
 It was the more artistic part so we found some awesome paintings.
They even painted a whole house, so beautiful and realistic. 

 Lyons' Town Hall by night. 

 The next night we went to the Advent Market, where we found some nice lights. 

 My friend showed me the University.
 The city by night. 

My flight back home.

(: Anna

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Pinkbox #4 Dezember

 This week I got another Pinkbox, the last one for me. I hoped there would be a super amazing Christmas special, but there's not.
All in all the box is nice.

The magazine is "weekend", not really something I would buy but it's nice to try out a new magazine.
Then I got some Weleda samples, always nice.
Another special is this pink makeup bag. It is nice and I needed another one so I like it.
Now onto the other things I got.

Weleda Pomegranate Lotion: Weleda is an awesome brand, I've tried it out before and I'm looking forward for this product.
Olaz Essentials Eye Makeup Remover: Haven't heard of it before and we will see how it works.
Wella Systems Professional - Shine Define Mask: I love hair masks, but I never really take the time to use them. I hope that I will find some time in the holidays.
Max Factor Excess Volume Mascara: This think is huuuge, crazy. New mascaras are always amazing and I haven't tried a 2-Step one yet.
Pink Hair chalk: Yey, finally I can try out a hair chalk. I hope it works on my hair, but as for the fact it is lighter on the ands it has to work.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Lyon Part 1

So here they are, the first pictures from my trip to Lyon!
As I already told you I visited my best friend, who is there on Erasmus!

On my second flight from Munich to Lyon, a nice view at the Alps. My first flight was at 6 a.m. so it was still dark outside.

 My first view over the city from a little park on the hill. 

 One of many churches we saw. 

 Some nice Christmas lights on the main shopping road.
 The Ferris Wheel by night. 

 For dinner we had amazing Tarte Flambee with all different toppings. They were all so delicious, I really have to try to make them on my own. 

 The next morning it was soooo foggy, we could barley see anything of the city. We visited an ancient Romain theatre. 

 Then we went inside a church which was soooo beautiful. 

 A lot of colourful windows, nice chandeliers and beautiful ceilings. 

 Afterwards we went into the park and visited the Zoo. But we only saw a few animals outside because it was freezing and they were all inside. 

In the park there is also the Lyon sign, and of course I had to make a photo with it.

 We ended the day in a Creperie. Oh my good, soooo good. We started with a Galette, so a non sweet Crepe. Mine was with cheese, ham, potatoes and onions and a small salad. As dessert we had sweet ones, mine was filled with sweet chestnut creme. 

(: Anna

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Weekly Recap

Sooo I'm back from France ... it was awesome!
Before I show you some pictures of the trip i will make another week- recap, so some of my recent phone photos.
I just saw (again) that the quality is really really bad, but better than nothing!

 We went to the theatre last weekend and it was really good, although I prefer Musicals, because I think they are a bit more entertaining. 

One of the few nice days we had last weeks and I had to go to work. I took this picture when I was waiting for the bus. That was the first and last time I didn't take the bike to go to work. Taking the bike is just way easier and faster.
 On my flight to Lyon, nice view over the clouds and alps.

 Of course, Crème Brulée in France, delicious.

 Beautiful but a bit cheesy church in Lyon.

 Hot chocolate with whipped cream at the Christmas Market, yum yum. We definitely had amazing food in France.
(: Anna