Tuesday, 10 December 2013

What is in my Carry- On Bag

Tomorrow I will fly to France for 5 days, yey, I'm so excited! I'm going to visit my best friend in Lyon!
Those last days were so stressful for me with Uni and work, it was crazy. So I'm really looking forward to this little break.
In this post I will just show you what I have in My Carry- On Bag.

That is my bag, a blue and white Adidas Vespa Bag. I got it 2 years ago for Christmas from my Boy.

So that is what's inside: of course Passport and Tickets, a small wallet, my beany and some gloves (it's cold outside!), my MP3 Player (with a lot of music on it), a new book from Kathy Reichs "Spider Bones", some nuts, chocolate and gingerbread and of course my phone.

Have a nice evening!
(: Anna

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