Tuesday, 21 January 2014

My little collective shopping haul

Hello everyone!
The other day I had to work and that was the perfect chance to go a bit shopping as well. I went into the city a bit earlier and did some awesome Sale Shopping, and I think I made 2 really good deals!

 The best one was definitively in the Body Shop. I got those 3 200ml Body Butters (Papaya, Peach and Sparkle Ginger) for only 20 (!!!) €. Really awesome, because normally on is about 18€. I will give one of them away as a birthday present for a friend, but I haven't decided yet which one. They are all amazing, for me the Body Butter from the Body Shop are the best!

 Then we went into Vero Moda, oh I love that store. In the Sale section I found the grey fake leather jacket. I wanted a fake leather jacket for so long and I finally found one that fits, feels good and had a good price, 28€!

 Then I had to do some drugstore shopping. I needed makeup remover pads, nose strips (those things are so funny!), q- tips and I bought a bronzer and blush brush.

(: Anna


  1. I have the gingerbread Bodyshop gift-set it was so sweet! Came with body butter, bodyscrub and a gingerbread sponge! Great bargains. Now following you on blogger! Hope your following me there too :D

    Hollie x

    1. I love it as well and especially the handcream is amazing! The best I've ever tried!
      (: Anna


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