Thursday, 9 January 2014

My New Year's Resolutions

Hello everyone!
The other day I read a post on Lauren Conrads' Blog about her New Year's Resolutions and I really liked the way she made it: with the help of this questionnaire:

  • A bad habit I'm going to break: starting way too late to learn for an exam! I will hopefully start earlier and plan everything a bit better
  • A destination I'd like to visit: definitive Barcelona, is on my list for some years now and I wanna go Spain again anyway
  • I'm going to work harder: for Uni, not that I'm lazy, but you can always improve, right?
  • A project I'd like to finish: My Bachelor!! But I will hopefully finish it soon
  • A class I'd like to take: Yoga or Pilates class, something relaxing but intense at the same time
  • I'd like to spend more time doing: Well going outside, doing something in the nature
  • A food I want to eat more of: fruits in general, although I like fruits, I don't really eat them often
  • I want to wear more: skirts and dresses

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