Thursday, 23 January 2014

Wishlist #1

Hello everyone!

There are some things I really want right now.

I need a good pair of new Jeans which really fit, but for me such a pair is really hard to find. They are too long or too tight or ugly or are made out of a weired material.

I also would like a ripped dark washed pair, because all my ripped jeans are light washed.

Then I really need some more pairs of crazy patterned Leggings. I love them for hanging around the apartment and those lazy days.

A Denim Shirt is on my Wishlist for a really long tim now and a few nights ago I had a dream of an outfit with such a shirt, so I gotta find a good one.

I don't have a Skaterskirt and I really want a basic black one like this one.

Last but not least: a pair of Nike Sneakers for working out. I'm not yet sure about the colour, but I think I want some colourful ones.

What's on your Wishlist right now?

(: Anna


  1. So lovely!

  2. Oh boy, mine is ridiculously long as it includes stuff from clothes to furniture to kitchen utensils to almost everything possible. Most of my money is spend on eating out so i hardly can save up any to buy anything. :s


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