Saturday, 22 February 2014


 Hello everyone!
I'm a massive fan of cooking with our Wok. It is so easy and delicious. You basically just throw everything in and in the end you have a fabulous meal.
We mostly make it with chicken and lots of veggies. As a side dish we make rice, couscous or (just like this time) wok noodles.
So here we go, for this dish you will need:

  • Veggies of your choice (we used this time Bell Peppers, Onion, Cabbage, Carrots, Garlic and Sweet Corn), you can use basically everything you like
  • Chicken Breast
  • Wok Noodles
  • Soy Sauce 
  • Peanut Butter
  • Red Curry Paste
  • Pepper
  • Water and Milk

 First you cut your chicken breast into small pieces and put it in a bowl. Then put Soy Sauce and Red Curry Paste in, mix everything together and let it rest as long as possible.

 In the meanwhile chop up your veggies into small pieces...

 ... and cook you noodles.

Then you can heat up your Wok and put a little bit of vegetable oil in. When it is hot you can put the chicken in.

 When is starts getting brown and crunchy I like to put peanut butter in, but just half a table spoon.
 After the meat is done, put it out into a bowl and let it rest.

Now it is time for you veggies. I started with the carrots (because they take the longest) and then one after the other I put the rest in.

When the veggies are nearly done, I put the chicken and the sweetcorn back in and mix it all together. I season it with soy sauce, pepper and curry powder.

In the end it is time for the noodles. Again mix everything together. Then I like to have a bit of a sauce so i just put water and a bit of milk in. Let it cook for some more minutes and then.... enjoy!

(: Anna


  1. That looks really delicious and easy ! I'll definitely try it soon..xx

  2. This looks sooo tasty!!! Will be trying this someday soon. Its just that I suck at cooking so that soon will be a little too late.

  3. This has made me super hungry and you're to blame :p !!!


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