Wednesday, 19 February 2014

I love those cosy mornings...

I am not a morning person....not at all. If there is nothing special I have to do that day (just like now, I have holidays), getting out of bed early, is not easy for me.
But when I'm finally up, the first thing I need is of course my breakfast, no day without it.
After eating it is time for my morning coffee and my book (you see, I really have to start the day slowly).
Right now I'm reading a book by Kathy Reichs, I love her, love the way she writes. You just get suck into the book and you can't stop!
Do you have and good book recommondations for me?

 :) Anna


  1. I really love your blog! Would you like to follow each other? Let me know <3

  2. Haven't read anything worth recommending lately. Are you on Goodreads?! We should follow each other there!! :D

    1. No I'm not, I actually haven't heard of it yet (:


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