Wednesday, 19 March 2014

H&M (Spring) Wishlist #2

Hello everyone!
I'm sick again and I have to lay in bed all day. The perfect time to browse on the internet and see whats new in stores.
And of course H&M is always a must:

Those 2 dresses are perfect for spring, light and colourful!

Loafers are on my wishlist for so long, but I haven't found the perfect pair yet. Just like a pair of lace shoes.

Flowy tops, perfect for spring and summer. In pink which is a bit unusual for me and black and white, which is on trend.
Black and white flowy pants. I already wanted to buy a pair of those pants in spain last year, but they did not have my size, so this summer it is s must-have for me!

What is on your whishlist right now?
(all photos are from the H&M website)
 (: Anna                                        

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