Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Things that went into my closet lately

Hello everyone,
I know I haven't posted something here on this blog, but I haven't really been creative..... but I'm back with a big collective haul. Those following things went into my closet in the past 2 months!

First H&M: a simple black skater skirt, a big golden necklace and those amazing Star Wars leggings!

I got new running shoes! I needed special ones because of my hurting knee and so far i love them, it is like running on clouds. They are Brooks Glycerin. 
My mum made another beanie for me in one of my favourite colours, a dark red!

Then I made an online order from H&M. Those black and white pants were already on my H&M (Spring) Wishlist. They are so flowy, soft and comfy, perfect for spring and summer. Then these amazing leopard printed shoes, I just love them!
Those black and white Loafers are from Deichmann.

That is everything I got during those past weeks.
Have a nice evening!
(: Anna


  1. I love that those Star Wars leggings sort of match your running shoes!

  2. Meine neuen Laufschuhe sind auch von Brooks :) DIe Loafers gefallen mir besonders gut, ich war wohl zu lange nicht mehr bei Deichmann ;)

    1. DIe Laufschuhe sind echt perfekt, läuft sich wie auf Wolken!
      Und die Loafers hats bei mir nur im Onlineshop gegeben!
      (: Anna

  3. Loveeeee the haul!! :D Where did you get your Star Wars leggings from? They look so chic!! :D
    I am such a huge leopard print fan. I read this blog when you posted it and went straight to H&M to get those shoes. They were all sold out :(


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